Awkward Communication

1. Twitter- I find Twitter to be a very awkward form of communication because the people that Tweet rely on others to care about what they are actually sharing. If a Twitter user has zero followers, he would be sharing his thoughts for only himself. This is weird. Also, I still don’t understand why people care about Twitter status updates. Don’t tell me that you in an elevator going to the 35th floor. I don’t want to hear that you ate lasagna for lunch. It’s awkward that some Twitter users actually think that what they have to say is interesting for all to hear.

2. Close Talkers- There is nothing more awkward and uncomfortable than a close-talker. A close-talker is an individual who brings his face within a very close proximity of another’s face while they have a conversation. Not only is personal space violated, but close-talkers also make it so you can smell the breath, and there is always a chance that they will accidentally spit on you.

3. Loud Whisperers- These individuals are incapable of whispering silently when it is necessary to speak quietly. These people think that when they whisper, that nobody else can hear them, however, an awkward moment is produced when everyone in a room is able to hear a secret that was not meant for everyone to hear.


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  1. Alin

    On Twitter – I was actually talking to some friends about Facebook being that way; I have friends on Facebook who have this need to tell everyone what they’re doing every second of the day, whether it’s constant updates, or their whole schedule laid out in one status. I’m one of those Twitter people who at times write out my plans for the day, but I guess that’s really for myself as somewhat of an online journal (for the future) if you will. But since I actually have followers, I tend not to do that so much. But I do get awkwardness; I once had a pregnant friend who tweeted that she felt like the baby was jumping out of her uterus….Thanks for letting me know?!? I guess….but I think I’d rather have people tweet about eating lasagna than update in a status in the sense that I can unfollow them, rather then defriend them. It just seems less harsh; since you can follow/unfollow someone easily, but to unfriend someone, then if you wanted to friend them again, it’s like “oh, I didn’t know you unfriended me…” awkward….I also love how technology has made “unfollow” and “un/defriend” verbs now.

    On close talkers – I subscribe to your blog, and so when I got the email & read about the close-talker, I automatically thought of Judge Reinhold on Seinfeld, and then when I actually got to your blog, I saw the picture & I was like ‘YES!’ What a great episode too! But I’ve encountered my share of close-talkers, veryyy awkwardddd.

    I always found this situation to be awkward as well: when someone is telling you something in a softer voice, but not exactly a whisper, and you completely miss what they were saying, so you ask them to repeat it, but you didn’t hear them again, and not wanting to ask again, you just nod your head and say, “yup…” and then it just gets awkward since you can’t continue the conversation since you don’t know what just happened. >> Do you classify this as awkward or is it just me?

    Sorry for the long comment!! But great post!

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