Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars presents the noir and high fashion sense that Gossip Girl does, presents the similar mysterious murder plotline that Veronica Mars does, and is set in a similar suburban town like Kyle XY and Roswell. While ABC Family is definitely trying to grab the attention of the audiences that watch these other shows, especially Gossip Girl, I do not feel like Pretty Little Liar presents the same and resonant millennial issues that other millennial shows do. This shows presents the millennial characters shoplifting, being involved in deceit, engaging in lustful relationships with teachers, and keeping secrets from one another. This is not how Millennials enjoy to be presented as, but since this is the pilot, I am sure that these characters will eventually learn moral lessons and exhibit and demonstrate millennial values in the behavior.

Allison, the girl who has gone missing and is supposedly dead, is shown as being mean, untrustworthy, and unruly in the flashbacks presented with her friends. While Allison may not be a very likable character to viewers due to some of her cruel intentions, it is ironic that she is actually the character pushing the millennial value of honesty, albeit in a troubling manner. She tells her friends to come forth with all of their secrets, as she is trying to help them become better people. Allison can be compared to the character Lily in Veronica Mars, as they are both characters who have been mysteriously murdered, and are people that provoke flashbacks for the characters in the show. I’m not sure how the dynamic of the mystery will proceed, but all of the flashbacks of Lily present her as a person who loved her friends, but also as a scandalous and promiscuous character. The fact that Lily loved and was very much loved by her friends, encourages Veronica and others to find out the truth about her death and continue in the mystery. On the other hand, spirit of Allison seems to haunt her friends, which I believe would discourage the girls from wanting to continue in the mystery.

The girls are unrealistically pretty, and real millennial high school issues are not being presented. However, in terms of family dynamics, I applaud PLL for its portrayal of broken and muddled family dynamics, as we live in a time where family relationships are constantly in flux, and millennial teens need to see how to handle these situations sometimes, and I believe PLL presents it appropriately. 


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