An Awkward “Situation”

Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino is famous for his role on the reality hit MTV series “The Jersey Shore.” Reality TV stars have caught the attention of the Millennial generation, and for some reason we believe that these people that star and do wild things on reality TV are capable of doing anything. I believe a common misconception people have about reality TV stars is that they are invincible and are actually super talented, since they have made it to the “BIG TIME,” in that they were able to get famous on TV.

Here is an example of The Situation getting himself into a very awkward situation. This is actually painful to watch. First of all, watching a stand up comic blow it on stage is extremely uncomfortable and awkward, but when a person that is trying to do comedy is extremely arrogant and doesn’t realize how bad he is, the situation become even more painful. This segment is taken from a Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump. Many comics and celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Larry King, and Seth McFarland, are invited to “roast” Donald Trump, meaning that they tell mean and outrageous jokes about Donald Trump and the rest of the celebrity invites. I have no words to describe what happens to The Situation except for RFA!


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