Relationship Awkwardness

  1. When you tell your partner that you love him/her, and she/he responds by saying, “Thank you. You are really nice to be around too.”
  2. Right before a couple is about to get married and have professed their everlasting love to one another, the husband (or wife) asks his wife (or husband) to sign a Pre-Nuptial agreement. There is nothing less romantic than a pre nup. “Soooo….um…just in case this doesn’t work out because you later decide to cheat on me with your yoga instructor, I want you to sign this pre-nup so at least I’ll get to keep what’s mine. But I love you so much!”
  3. Weird noises made in the bedroom.  (Just sayin…)
  4. When your partner’s parents don’t approve or like you.
  5. Running into your ex on your first date with someone else, after recently breaking up with the ex.
  6. Forgetting your partners birthday.




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2 responses to “Relationship Awkwardness


    Mr. Watkins,
    These are all indeed VERY awkward! bahaha

  2. Talel

    Adding to Nr. 1: “Ditto!” is also an awkward reply. Happened to my friend!

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