Education in South Carolina

Sometimes irony can be awkward. Ms. South Carolina was unable to answer a question about education in America, because she herself did not seem to receive an education. This is the most outrageous response to this question…Ever! Do more South Carolina, do more.



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4 responses to “Education in South Carolina

  1. I’m speechless. That must have been the worst attempt at answering a simple question ever. After all of those words, I don’t think a single idea was generated. South Africa? What? Oh wait, there was one legit part…people in America just don’t have enough maps. Yea, she nailed it. Even Mario Lopez struggled to keep a straight face. When the host can’t keep it together, you know there are serious problems.

  2. You have it right…do more. That is all I can say. It is scary that this women got as far as she did in the competition. Even if she didn’t know what she wanted to say about the specific question, she should have been able to at least speak coherently.

  3. Ally Silberkleit

    ohhhh my god I just watched this and cannot believe that response…..”everywhere, like, such as” is not a proper conclusion to an argument or sentence!

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