People Who Can’t Do Their Job

Nothing is more awkward when a person, who has a job that is performed in front of a lot of people, really messes up and is unable to recover. If you are a sports reporter, your job is to report and commentate on highlights of a game. As you will see in this video clip, this young, up and coming sports reporter totally has a melt down on live TV (actually he’s definitely not up and coming, he’s definitely down and going).

You can tell that his brain is performing a mental fart, which is defined by URBAN DICTIONARY as an involuntary release of stupidity, usually occurring at the least opportune time.  The video even starts out with him not even realizing that the camera is even rolling RFA (really fucking awkward). You can hear the reporters sighs of desperation as he searches for any type of dialogue to narrate. My favorite line is when he says, “He passes it to the man….And he shoots….And BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.” If you are interested in feeling awkward and uncomfortable for about 4 minutes, definitely watch this video.

Next video is of a girl who was elected by the fans to sing the National Anthem prior to an NBA basketball game, and as you will see something very awkward occurs.

You gotta feel for this girl. It was a very sweet moment when the coach Maurice Cheeks went to go help her out and then the rest of the fans joined in to help her out as well. However, CMON!!! Its the National Anthem, and you were chosen to sing! SING! Know the words! Seeing someone buckle under pressure equals RFA! NO DOUBT!

Finally, this is part hilarious, part awkward. This talk show host from Belgium cannot keep himself from laughing while he interviews a man, whose voice was altered due to a medical mistake. This is supposed to be a somber, thoughtful, and caring interview, but the talk show host cannot help but laugh at this man’s squeaky voice. The audience at the studio and all viewers from home know what is going on and totally feel uncomfortable from what is happening.




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3 responses to “People Who Can’t Do Their Job

  1. Great finds. That dude definitely was fired, wonder what he’s doing now. I feel so bad for that girl. You can see how nervous she was because she could barely hold on to the microphone. It did get supper awkward when the dude came up next to her and started singing with her. He was obviously trying to be nice but definitely came off was…well yeah, awkward.

  2. I like the choices. There is almost nothing more awkward in sports then when 20,000 people are observing someone completely botch the national anthem. Poor girl

  3. alicelin42

    I was streaming Middlebury’s basketball game yesterday against St. Mary’s and my friends and I definitely overused “and boom goes the dynamite.” & there’s actually a Veronica Mars episode where she uses that phrase. But I do wonder what the guy is up to now and where else he’s been quoted.

    & I remember watching that Blazers/Mavericks game. Felt bad for the girl & it was definitely sweet of Mo Cheeks to run out and help, but still made the situation more awkward.

    Ahhh, good awkward stuff.

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