Infomercials for work out equipment

Watching these women all line in a row with these huge grins as they play with the Shake Weight is just too ridiculous…for obvious reasons. I don’t think they could have made a more awkward work out product. Did the creators of this product really not understand how their device was going to be perceived. I just feel awkward for the creators….and the women in the infomercial…and for the people watching…overall I give it 750 awkward points. Not too sure where these awkward points derive from, but the Shake Weight definitely deserves 750 of them. Look at 1:25 minute in the infomercial… the women look like complete robot-zombies as they “work out.” I bet that the actual commercial shoot was in itself awkward. The director of the infomercial must have been absurdly embarrassed for himself and all those involved. I’m stamping this infomercial with the RFA stamp, which stand for Really Fucking Awkward.

First of all, I’ve never seen someone so excited about working out in my life. There are few things awkward about his infomercial that I’d like to express:

  1. Watching Tony Little saddle up behind Darla Haun on the Gazelle is priceless. You cannot help but laugh and think about what’s going through Darla’s head as Tony is working the Gazelle with her in his skimpy and tight spandex shorts.
  2. Tony’s long blonde hair with the baseball cap.
  3. At minute 2:11, Tony demands that Darla take her jacket off to do work on the Gazelle. Every time she gets on the Gazelle, she must take off the jacket to show her dazzling chest and stomach.
  4. Minute 2:47….you’ll see why!

Finally, the American inventor and marketing personality Ron Popeil is RFA. I do have to say that I am a big fan of his though… love the products that he markets, especially the spray-on-hair. GENIUS!


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One response to “Infomercials for work out equipment

  1. Geoff Kalan

    Isn’t that the sign of a good marketing scheme though? It is something that people talk about, everyone now knows what the shake weight is and a lot of people have purchased them. In an age when there are so many products and constant access to media and advertisements it is very hard to get your product noticed. The shake weight has cut through the pack and become a term that everyone recognizes. I commend them on their advertising campaign, it may be awkward, but awkward sells and that is their ultimate goal. It also is a very difficult workout.

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