Defining Awkward

What is an Awkward Moment? Awkward moments are purely subjective to individual experience, but when an awkward moment does happen, it is a brief moment in time when we feel incompetent, embarrassed, unsure, or uneasy. They are those brief seconds which seem like minutes and those minutes which seem like hours. It is the time we lose some of our lofty self-image. Here a couple of examples of awkward moments: you walk in on your parents having sex, and they stare you down; you ask woman when her baby is due and then find out she isn’t pregnant; and, you walk in on your roommate practicing his kissing abilities on the mirror. As you could imagine, these are the moments where you are left speechless and you want to run away from the situation as fast as possible. In this video montage that I created, I have attempted to develop a somewhat awkward moment by asking people if I could take their photographs, and then without them knowing, continue to film them while they hold a long and awkward pose as they stare blankly into the camera.

Besides awkward moments, there are many products, videos, photographs, and other things in media that are just outright weird and uncomfortable. A few examples of other awkward things, that I will touch on in later blog posts, include: cross country shorts, Ferby dolls,”freak dancing” with the lights on, and contestants on American Idol that do not realize how painfully horrible they are at singing.


Stop staring at me Furby!

Something is dangerously close to popping out.

Remember, AWKWARD is subjective, so by no means am I an expert in the field. I just hope you readers will be able to relate to my opinions about the various things and stories in life that make me want to curl up into a little ball in the corner. Moreover, I hope this blog of awkward (BLAWKWARD) will not only convey the awkward in life, but also create an uneasy atmosphere in the viewing process.




February 13, 2011 · 2:45 pm

5 responses to “Defining Awkward

  1. Ally Silberkleit

    Those shorts are definitely very awkward!

  2. Hwatkins

    You need to be really proud of your legs to wear these.

  3. Vedika Khanna

    I think this is a really cool and relevant idea for a blog. Awkwardness came up a lot during my weekend. My friends were telling me about the “Awkward Turtle” which I hadn’t heard about before. Then another friend brought up “Awkward Balloon” which is, judging by my friends’ reactions, less known. For “Awkward Balloon” you pretend to hold a balloon in your hand and then let it go. Then, you act like you’ve suddenly realized it’s gone and you look up into the air with a surprised, broken look. Since no one really knows about it, it’s really fun to do during the middle of conversations (I’m speaking from experience here)… I really recommend trying it. “Awkward Balloon” might just be at the cutting edge of awkwardness.


    I think the video of people smiling/posing for a long time is absolutely hilarious. That is definitely something that happens all the time, where people pose for a picture for an extended period of time because of a camera malfunction for example. Great idea.

  5. Jess Davies

    Wow, Keith was disturbingly awkward!

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